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Double Or Quits

Double Or Quits
Double Or Quits Strictly English
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Karen has a problem with gambling in Double Or Quits. She's gambled away the rent money again and is now three months in arrears. Her landlord, Mr. Greenwood, tells her she needs her bottom smacking, and this gives her an idea. She offers him a bet. Heads he can spank her, tails she gets time to pay off the rent. She loses the bet but, when the British spanking proves to be more than she bargained for, she offers double or quits. Heads to take her knickers down, or tails to stop spanking her. She loses again, so down come her knickers and Mr. Greenwood resumes spanking with renewed vigour. Karen continues to double or quits to stop the spanking - but keeps on losing which increases the severity of the punishment. To add to her embarrassment her flatmate Penny arrives home. She agrees with Mr. Greenwood that Karen deserves it, tells him to do it harder, and then fetches him a wicked wooden spoon and other kitchen implements to use. But Penny soon has cause to regret fetching these implements when the tables are turned and she ends up on the receiving end of the same punishment. This time it is Karen who encourages Mr. Greenwood to do it harder. Karen's respite is short-lived and, with Mr Greenwood's help, Penny pays back the struggling Karen. In a last ditch effort to save her sore bottom, Karen makes the ultimate double or quits bet - the cane!