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Desire, Deception & Discipline

Desire, Deception & Discipline Strictly English
Desire, Deception & Discipline Strictly English
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While Angelina's husband is in prison, her brother-in-law, Charley, is keeping a close eye on her in Desire, Deception & Discipline. While fixing a virus on her PC, Charley becomes aware of her surfing habits and is less than pleased with what he finds. It appears Angelina has been visiting cyber-sex chat rooms. Charley warns her that she better not be meeting any men in person through the chat rooms, or else! When Angelina asks what he means by or else he shows her by hauling her over his lap and giving his sister-in-law's shapely bottom a dozen good hard spanks. This tactic, however, backfires. Instead of acting as a deterrent, Angelina becomes obsessed with the idea of having her bottom spanked. Eager to satisfy her new-found desires, Angelina embarks on a quest to experience all aspects of corporal punishment and she makes contact with a dominatrix. This lady demonstrates on Angelina's ample bottom the full range of corporal punishments and more besides. Angelina is so turned on that the corporal punishment leads, quite naturally, to lesbian sex, but it is not until Charley discovers her deception that she learns the true meaning of discipline!

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