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Das Beste Aus Fetisch 1

Das Beste Aus Fetisch 1 Puaka Fetish
Das Beste Aus Fetisch 1 Puaka Fetish
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Das Beste Aus Fetisch 1 offers kink fans nine scenes of weird German sex. The tone is set from the very start, when a door opens in the darkness, and we find ourselves voyeuristically watching two women in micro-thongs, masturbating. Later, we spy on people hanging from ceiling chains, being rogered mercilessly (some of them by strap-ons). The dvd is nothing if not varied, but with the emphasis always on fucking with a hint of freakiness. How about a young blonde being given a good shagging in a scrapyard - by a bloke in surgical scrubs? Or three men interfering with a big-titted bird who's all trussed up and can't defend herself? She can't gobble them either, probably because she's wearing a gas mask! A man in a mask gets sucked by two babes, while a dominatrix in nine-inch platforms gives a naked male slave a hard time! Lit candles are inserted in places most people wouldn't want hot wax to go! If your tastes stray on the wild side, then get this dvd. You won't regret it!