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Client Confidentiality

Client Confidentiality Strictly English
Client Confidentiality Strictly English
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Amelia Jane Rutherford is back with a bang in Client Confidentiality - arguably the delectable damsel's finest performance to date, where she subjects her company to a very embarassing and very costly lawsuit from a welthy client. Her boss in the legal department for which she works decides that sacking her is far too lenient and takes the unprescendented steps in disciplining Amelia Jane in the only way he knows how - and that's to give her a good over the knee spanking whilst she attempts to write a letter to Mrs Harding whose divorce settlement has been jeopardised by her blunder. She is then sent to hand deliver the letter to Mrs Harding and to explain herself. Unfortunately for Amelia Jane, Mrs Harding doesn't believe that she has been sufficiently punished and proceeds to dish out another dose of bottom treatment and verbal humiliation. Finally, Mrs Harding returns Amelia Jane to her boss for the ultimate in bottom punishment - take care! You can expect humiliation, extreme caning and spanking in this corporal punishment special! Cast: Amelia Jane Ruterford, Others