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Clerical Error

Clerical Error
Clerical Error Connoisseur CP
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In Clerical Error, Fathers John, Paul and Peter are called into the Mother Superior's Office at this strict college of learning to explain why they felt that punishment of the pupils during their confirmation lessons was necessary. It is soon explained to them that the Sisters Of Mercy College does not allow the Fathers to discipline half naked, female students and that the result will be that they are to be reported to the Canon and possibly defrocked. As an alternative, the Mother Superior soon has all three Fathers bent over her desk for her own form of Absolution Of Sins. The Mother Superior begins by giving Father Paul a cold caning, whilst Fathers John and Peter are given a severe spanking from both the Mother Superior and the Head Sister, before much sterner measures are brought down onto the upturned bottoms of these protesting Fathers. Paul and John are made to kneel in a unique and undignified position for a hard paddling that soon has them both complaining - not that the Mother Superior has any mercy to give! Whilst Fathers John and Paul are made to face the wall and await the Sister's wrath, Father Peter is made to assume the same position whilst he is dealt with by both sisters, again using the paddle. Father Paul, despite the punishment he has already received, is still being very non repentant, so he is put across the knee of the Mother Superior for a further hard spanking that has him writhing in pain. This stern Mother Superior is still not convinced that the three Fathers have even begun to show any signs of repentance and so all threes are subjected to a flogging by both Sisters simultaneously. Fathers John, Paul and Peter are then forced into another unique position for a caning by both sisters in an end to their redemption. This title takes a unique look inside a strict religious order and shows how satisfying and effective hard discipline of males can be.