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Britain's Horniest Grannies 4

Britain's Horniest Grannies 4
Britain's Horniest Grannies 4 Simply Films
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The filthy-minded British grannies in Britain's Horniest Grannies 4 are happy to be a spunk bag for Freddie's camera, showing that they can still fuck, suck and eat cum like girl's half their age! Masquerading as plumbers, G gets soaked by a high pressure hose. Grannie Hotlips takes pity on him and doesn't want him to catch his death, so she takes him upstairs to get him out of his wet clothes. A bit of water hasn't dampened G's ardour and he is soon flushing Hotlips' chute out with his own thick hose! Complete with deerstalker, pipe and magnifying glass, G is a wannabe Sherlock Holmes and his first customer, Adele, arrives wanting G to investigate her husband's murder. He explains that he needs to gather as much evidence as possible and leads her to the bedroom so his thorough investigation can begin. G tries his hand at farming and goes into partnership with Nicolette which sees them cementing their association with a bedroom bonk and a cream inking. Another farm needs G's attention, so in freezing weather, he begins the planting and gardening. Lovely old farmer's wife Deanna invites him into the warm for a cup of tea and, quite taken with G, takes him upstairs and tells him to get his digger out and see to her bush. Fabulous British mature woman action with another crop of old British fuckers getting it on in over two hours of mature action!