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Bitch Bound In Bag

Bitch Bound In Bag
Bitch Bound In Bag Kink.Com
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It really doesn't get more kinky than Hogtied: Bitch Bound In Bag. Look on in awe as Tia is bound in an extremely limited duration spread and neck play predicament. What makes this position so tough is with the feet elevated and the hands pulling back at an angle, she has no back support and only her ab and thigh strength keep her in place. A crotch rope is added and soon she starts suspending herself to avoid the torments being administered. The problem for Tia at this point is that if she lowers her body too much, she will asphyxiate. Next, Tia is bound in a face up fold, kind of like an ebi but very open. The bitch however is then wrapped in plastic like she was found in a dumpster and left to hang like a piece of meat. The plastic adds a new challenge as it dulls her senses and makes the cane on her ass feel very different. A hole is cut to expose only her pussy and the nice butt plug in her ass but this filthy slut gets all her anal orgasms from a slick, thick cock in her dripping hole. Tia resembles a chicken-in-a-bag waiting to be put in the oven!