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Bisexual Pool Sharks

Bisexual Pool Sharks
Bisexual Pool Sharks Tiger Prod Bi
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Playing pool can be an easy way to make money when you're a pool shark, especially when the prize is to munch on your buddy's girlfriend's sweet pussy - that adds an extra incentive! An appealing threesome plays shabby, but amiable, pool. The more collegiate of the boys can't keep his hands off the female player and eventually the young lady is encouraged to become naked. It takes a while for the twosome to extend an invite to their more 70s rock dude friend, but eventually they figure it out, and soon the pool table is being used for it's intended purpose: as a sexual playground! Would you like to rack them up? Next up is a sweet girl/girl featuring two giggling cuties in front of a fireplace. Soon after, a bit of grab ass in front of a piano leads to a three-body pile-up and one pianist covered in cum. Cast: Laura Blue, Fero Horvath, Felix Copanek, Matt Barkvart, Hans Muller, Jitka Kroutilova