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Bisexual Double Feature 1

Bisexual Double Feature 1
Bisexual Double Feature 1 Magma Film
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Two great bisex films on one dvd. In Bi Sex In The City, it's sex in the city with a twist - an extra guy - in four scenes of threeway boy/girl/boy scenarios. A young girl sits on a bench in a busy city centre eyeing up the local talent. Soon two handsome guys are chatting her up and they all go back to her place for a bisex threeway on the sofa. Two hunky male tourists ask an attractive blonde for directions and she directs them back to her apartment where they get to see a map of her body. A photographer and his male model mate spy a redhead looking in the window of a health spa. She goes back to the studio for a photo shoot, where they all get very candid with one another. Then, whilst Olga seduces Klaus on the sofa, the gardener interrupts and joins in the bi fun. If bi action iswhat you like, then look no further than Bi Sex In The City. Female prison wardens get horny in five scenes on the chain gang in Bi Bang Chain Gang. A sexy, blonde female prison officer takes two chained prisoners off to start digging. She gets hot and horny watching the men work and teases them with her pussy. Soon they retire to the field where they take it in turns to fuck one another in a bisexual threeway. Officer Svetlana takes her prisoners by the river to collect wood and she certainly gets it. Her two convicts have a cock and cunt workout before a dick and knob jousting before a cum-drenched climax. Two prisoners get sweaty moving rocks outdoors. Bored watching, their female officer starts off a three-way, swapping cock and arse for pussy, until the boys get their rocks off. Two more chained prisoners move to a quiet patch with their female officer where she unlocks their chains for some three-way oral. The female prison officer swaps playing with her gun for playing with two cocks. Then they swap positions, fucking one another in a orgasmic climax.