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Bi Teens 04

Bi Teens 04
Bi Teens 04 Tino Media
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Keeping up the tradition of earlier releases from this series, Bi Teens 4 once again has a great selection of two boys/one girl threesomes. The first trio start poolside with some good natured water play and tentative stroking, before moving inside. These eager young cocks definitely don't need a rubber ring to keep them afloat, as the sight of the girl's bouncy boobs and shaved crack, not to mention each other's logs, sets off some seriously sexy pussy lapping, piston sucking and reaming. The second scene stars a young blonde girl with small tits with a boyish frame and a very pale young man with shaved pubes, who gets a good sorting from his more muscular and tanned companion on a bunk bed. For the finale it's fun on a futon as the two slim engorged young men take full advantage of all that's on offer. There's a lovely spoon fuck with all three before the girl goes reverse cowgirl so she can suck the offered rod and one of the guys shoots all over her firm rounded bum. All the participants go at it all with the intensity of those for whom sex is still a great adventure! Long may it last!