Bi Bi Winter

Bi Bi Winter
Bi Bi Winter Over There Productions
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A nice bisexual dvd from the Czech Republic. Bi Bi Winter from Over There Productions begins with a frolic in the snow, then two boys and one girl take shelter and rub everything imaginable together in an effort to warm up. The gal and the guys take turns deep throating their comrades' rigid endowment and, before long, the girl is getting it doggie style while she sucks cock. The fucker then turns his amorous attention toward his buddy's booty. A lesbian scene then segues into the final threeway with two guys on one girl. Once again, the alpha male tops the other two members of his pack. This dvd features some great sucking and fucking, all of which must be part of some ancient Czech rite of spring requiring the biggest dicks and perkiest breasts in the village to assemble for a spring meltdown. Bisexuals of every persuasion will enjoy plenty of turn-ons here. Cast: Lenka Paleckova, Jana Novotna, Lukas Barta, Kamil Skorepka, Ota Stelek, Petr Ondruska