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Apron Strings

Apron Strings
Apron Strings Connoisseur CP
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We see the Range Rover arriving home in Apron Strings, bringing the niece to stay with her aunt at the end of term. Auntie tells the niece that this favour to her sister has upset her own holiday plans and, as she is a maid short at present, Jane will not be allowed to idle during the school holidays. Her first task is to clear up the kitchen and then bring tea to auntie on the terrace. As the tea arrives, auntie is reading Jane's school report and lets out a fierce exclamation, causing Jane to drop the tea tray. This accident prompts a prolonged spanking over auntie's lap. Chloe, the maid, is summoned to clear up the breakages and instructed to bring the punishment strap. Auntie then tells Chloe to strap Jane over the terrace table, but, after a few strokes, decides the punishment is inadequate and takes over in earnest. At the end of an enthusiastic strapping, Chloe is instructed to take Jane into the sitting room and administer 18 hard strokes of the cane whilst auntie retires to the terrace again. After six strokes, Jane protests strongly and Chloe suggests that she will cane the footstool whilst Jane makes appropriate noises and auntie will not know the difference. Unbeknown to the girls, auntie has returned before all the strokes are completed. This results in auntie finalising Jane's caning with some vigour. After Jane has been dealt with, auntie then administers the same spanking, strapping and caning to the maid as was dealt out to Jane, again with a great deal of enthusiasm. When this is complete, auntie spots Jane peering into the sitting room after having been told to get on with the kitchen duties, this results in a further caning for Jane. The two girls are finally seen back in the kitchen, with sore bottoms exposed, commiserating with each other.