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Annika Gets Stretched

Annika Gets Stretched
Annika Gets Stretched Kink.Com
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Welcome Annika back to HogTied - and this time Annika Gets Stretched. She is given stressful predicament bondage with one leg attached to the pulley and a rope attached to her neck. If she struggles, she asphyxiates - pretty simple but also pretty brutal. Claire delights in tormenting Annika with corporal punishment and humiliating her by tying a dick on a stick, pushing it into her cunt and making her fuck it. Annika cums hard, live and ready for more. Next, the former Russian trained ballerina is bound in a HogTied classic position - standing pole arch. A crotch rope is added and not one but two of their heaviest balls are hung from her tender cunt. Watch as her clit turns an incredible shade of purple. Claire adds to the intensity of the bondage by tying Annika's gag to the back wall, bending her into a tits-up super-hot arch. Then comes the single tail. No matter how much Annika struggles, she has to submit to the pain. Pleasure then comes to her sensitive clit in explosive orgasms through the crotch rope and then in her cunt. Can someone derive so much please from all that pain? Annika can!