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Alice & The Maid + Ingratitude

Alice & The Maid + Ingratitude
Alice & The Maid + Ingratitude Gaslight
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Two hard British spanking films on one great dvd from Gaslight and Connoisseur CP. Alice & The Maid is set in the past at a strict English household. Recently orphaned Alice moves in with her strict Uncle, who has a fetish for caning and birching the young chambermaid in front of Alice. When Alice fails her studies, her Uncle decides it is time that she too tastes the sting of his strap, as she is punished along with the maid. Severe hand-spankings and canings are the result. Ingratitude is the sequel. Alice and the maid have left their Uncle's house, and he has taken on two new young ladies. To cure them of their mischievous ways, they are first hand-spanked and then beaten with a hairbrush. The two girls continue to misbehave however, and the Uncle has to resort to severe strappings and canings to bring them into line. Quality English discipline!