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Agony And Extasy

Agony And Extasy
Agony And Extasy Gotham
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Agony And Extasy goes hand in hand with pain and pleasure - and for two girls whose cars have broken down, they are about to experience this first hand. Held against their will, they are placed in stocks and on a horse and whipped, cropped and humiliated by their captor and his female assistant. Their bare feet are slapped and their thighs are birched before a furry glove is rubbed over the smarting areas to bring some fleeting pleasure and respite to the pain that is being inflicted. Sir B is the next master who teaches his young slave how to enjoy the pain he inflicts. Binding her standing spread-eagled, he then ties a rope around her neck and covers her whole head in tape with only a small hole for her to breathe through. He cuts off her clothes and then whips her naked body before using a rubber hose to inflict more pain as he smothers and chokes her. He then fingers her pussy and squeezes her tits to bring some respite from the stinging lashes. Another young slave in training is bound and pegged before she too receives painful lashes on her naked body, including electro shocks to her already smarting flesh! Nearly two hours of chastisement revealing the painful reality that these girls need to embrace their confinement and suffering!