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A Month In The Country

A Month In The Country
A Month In The Country Red Stripe
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A Month In The Country is a fine British spanking dvd from Red Stripe. Jane has come to stay with her aunt and uncle at their country estate while her parents are away on a business trip. Spoilt Jane soon gets bored though, and is cheeky to Aunt Amanda - which results in Jane getting spanked. Angry, she steals Amanda's sports car. When Uncle Frank finds out, he is furious with both Jane and Amanda. Frank decides to punish Amanda for leaving the keys in her car, and proceeds to administer a sound spanking which leaves her bottom very red. In an attempt to appease Frank, Amanda changes into a sexy red dress - but Frank cannot be stopped and straps her on the patio, then gives her thirty strokes of his cane. When Jane arrives home she has a friend with her. Frank spanks them both, warning Jane that she has more severe punishment to come in the morning. That turns out to be a bare bottom spanking followed by fifty strokes of his cane. When Jane keeps protesting, Frank adds extra strokes until her behind is red and sore, and Jane is in tears! Superior British spanking from Red Stripe!