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A Cold Steel Anal Invasion

A Cold Steel Anal Invasion
A Cold Steel Anal Invasion Hogtied Kink.Com
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When Penny Pax walks onto the set of Hogtied: A Cold Steel Anal Invasion, the first thing the little slut does is look at her tormentor's dick. He smirks and grabs her by a nipple, pulling her into the scene. When he jams a knotted rope into the crotch of her tight nylons, she winces - ever so slightly. He makes it tighter before wrapping up her arms and gagging her with a wiffle ball. Her eyes give a pleading look, and he grabs her by the hair and starts grinding out her first orgasm against the crotch rope. The rope wraps tightly around her fresh young tits. The nipples stand straight out, straining for attention and, after slapping her a round a little, he cuts the crotch out of her soaking panties and what do you know - there is a pink, puffy, hungry pussy in there just dying for attention. Pax was booked so that her master could ream her asshole and he finds the prefect pile driver position for this - face down and ass up. He ties her ass and pussy wide open and puts that cunt on simmer with a slow vibe. Working her up to the largest, heaviest ass fucking toy Kink.com have takes time, but it is so worth it to see this tramp struggle to bear it all. Penny Pax looks sweet and innocent, but this dirty bitch can take all that is thrown at her! Cast: Penny Pax