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The Velv'Or Male Ring JNaja is a solid state penis ring featuring an ergonomic design for comfort and performance that follows the natural curves of the male body. A Velv'Or penis ring can help prolong erections for up to thirty minutes, help men achieve a bigger erection, and improve sexual sensation. It can even be worn the whole day thus giving the wearer the pleasure of being enringed while the perineum is constantly being massaged. This will increase sexual drive and appetite, making the wearer feel more manly and confident.The JNaja gives a constant firm pressure on the perineum, resulting in harder and longer erections and stronger orgasms. Available in three sizes.


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Velv'Or Aide Be Steady Penis Delay Spray
Velv'Or JBoa Adjustable Cock Ring
Velv'Or Male Ring JNaja 45mm: Black
Velv'Or Male Ring JNaja 45mm: White
Velv'Or Male Ring JNaja 50mm: White
Velv'Or Male Ring JNaja 55mm: White
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