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Ladyboy Longlegs 3

Ladyboy Longlegs 3
Ladyboy Longlegs 3 Third World Media
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One great and noticeable feature on a Ladyboy is her legs. This is usually because of the length of her legs and the size of her feet. Those long legs and giant feet wrapped around a foreign man's cock is truly a fantasy that few can ever really experience, and Ladyboy Longlegs 3 gives you four full scenes that you won't be able to get enough of. Ja has long legs, large tits, a sexy face and feet that are easily a mens size 11. She puts her big feet to work, massaging balls and stroking cock, before losing her bikini and pulling out her fat, vein filled cock into her guys mouth. Juy is waiting for a friend who has a thing for large tranny feet. He slaps his dick against her high heels before using her big feet to jerk his cock around. She sucks his dick and then lays back, splitting her long legs and filling her cramhole chock full of cock. Lidia is a tall ladyboy with long legs, long hair, long arms and enormous tranny feet. The white sex tourist puts his toes to work on her before swallowing her manliest feature and presses his own cock tip to hers. He fills her ass and stuffs her sphincter full of cock. Finally it's New, with her long legs, big pretty feet, and a huge tattoo across her upper chest. She has skilled feet and lips too and licks toes and rides cock, getting left with an anal creampie. These girls have got skills you can only dream about! Cast: Lidia, Juy, New, Ja, Others