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Soft Vibrators

Soft Vibrators, also called jelly vibrators, are a colourful variety of inexpensive sex toys. They range from great value one speed mini rabbit sex toys through to the glitter-filled multi-speed waterproof vibrator models. You can even tickle your fancy with dimple patterned tickler vibes, super-flexible vibes, or G-spot vibes.


Glitterous G-Spot Vibe
H2O Viking Ultra Soft
Little Softee: Purple
Mini Rabbit Blue Jelly Vibe
Mini Rabbit Pink Jelly Vibe
Mystique Physique Glory Girl 6 Inch Vibrator
Mystique Physique La Femme Passive 6 Inch Vibrator
The Collection 8" Lightly Veined Jelly Vibe
Trojan Ultra Soft 6.5" Vibrator: Pink
Ultra G-Spot Jelly Vibe
Water Soft Mounts: Purple