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Double Enders

An adult sex toy for the more adventurous, the Double Ender dildo has two phallic insertable ends. Double Enders are great for female double penetration experience or to enjoy simultaneous penetration with a partner.


Basix 12" Double Dong: Black
Basix 12" Double Dong: Clear
Basix 12" Double Dong: Flesh
Basix 12" Double Dong: Pink
Basix 16" Double Dong: Black
Basix 16" Double Dong: Clear
Basix 16" Double Dong: Flesh
Basix 16" Double Dong: Pink
Basix 18" Ribbed Double Dong: Flesh
Double Dong 18"
Double Dong 18"  
Double Dong 18": Black
Double Juicer 16"
Double Juicer 16"  
Double Mini
Double Mini  
King Cock Double Penetrator: Skin
King Cock Double Trouble Large: Skin
King Cock Double Trouble Medium: Skin
King Cock Double Trouble Small: Skin
King Cock Double Vibrating Double Penetrator: Skin
PowerBullet Infinity
PowerBullet Infinity
Veined Double Header 12": Black