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How do I find the product I am looking for on your website?

There are several ways to look for products including:

       - Browsing by category (left column of each page).

       - Browsing by studio or brand (right column of each page).

       - For dvds, you can use the Browse By panel in the left column of Adult Dvd and Gay Dvd allows you to access an alphabetical list of Studios, Directors, and Performers

       - For dvds, if you are looking for a particular dvd theme, then you can use the
Adult Dvd Themes category or the Gay Dvd Themes category

       - For any item, you can use the search field located on the upper left of each page. The most effective searches are by title (or part of title), keyword (such as a sex act), or performer name (or part of performer name).

How reliable is product availability?

Product stock is updated daily and all items that go out of stock are disabled on the website so that they are not available for purchase until they come back into stock.

Should the item you've ordered go out of stock for any reason, you will be informed with an expected delivery time for your order. In the rare occasion an item unexpectedly becomes completely unavailable, you will receive a refund.

Do you stock any other products that aren't on your website?

All products we have available are shown on our website. New items are added every weekday, so we suggest that you check our website regularly to view new releases or subscribe to our Weekly New Releases Newsletter.