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Wilde Nights

Wilde Nights
Wilde Nights Next Door Studios
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Austin Wilde is showing off the horsepower between his legs in Wilde Nights. Taking it for a test drive and putting it on display. Stroking it for throttle, easing back every now and again just to feel it rev up for more, ultimately releasing the throttle and opening up with an explosion of power. And believe me, I'm not talking about the ATV he's riding. Austin Wilde is a lawyer, and he knows Johnny Torque's style. You see, Johnny is a big-time, courtroom swindler who knows just the right buttons to push in order to bend the legal system over in his favour. Austin knows there're only two things for which Johnny will settle - money and ass. Hunter Ford is pretty much fed up with his boyfriend. The guy keeps breaking promises, breaking dates and Hunter is suspicious that he is cheating with his new assistant. Austin Wilde has been waiting in the wings, trying to get land Hunter for quite some time and when Hunter's boyfriend breaks yet another date on their anniversary, Austin knows this is his opportunity. With a few choice words, he has finally gotten inside Hunter's head - and into his pants. Wolfie Blue is one of the best wine salesman around. His palette is impeccable, his nose for detail unparalleled. But what truly makes Wolfie and exceptional salesman is his willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Enter Austin Wilde. Austin has an event and is going to need quite a sizable load - he also needs a lot of wine. No worries, Wolfie is going to make sure he gets both his cock and his cork soaked. Tucker Vaughn has been having some trouble in a couple of his classes and badly needs tutoring. Austin Wilde has had his eye on Tucker for quite a while and offers his services. Now, you could list everything Austin knows about microbiology on one side of a matchbook cover, but that is neither here nor there. Because, truth be told, as soon as they get to Tucker's room, the only thing on Austin's mind is giving Tucker a long hard lesson in cockology. Wilde Nights with Austin Wilde are the hottest around, cos when the sun goes down, so do these horny boys! Cast: Austin Wilde, Andrew Jakk, Hunter Ford, Johnny Torque, Tucker Vaughn, Wolfie Blue