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Wedding Shaggers

Wedding Shaggers
Wedding Shaggers Triga Films
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When you take your bird up the aisle the last thing you expect is to be rodgering the best man a couple of hours later at the reception! In Wedding Shaggers, bridegroom Brian is all too keen to get hitched on the cheap, which understandably pisses off his fiance no end. So she gets her revenge by heading off with the DJ from the wedding reception! Poor old Brian - with not a conjugal right in sight he decides his best chance of a wedding night shag is with his best man and his pissed up randy mates! So begins the filthy mayhem as the lads as suits, ties and formal attire are all tossed aside in favour of tossing and sucking each other off in one almighty five way gangbang! Here cums the bridegroom!