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Visions Perverses (Muscle Sex 4)

Visions Perverses (Muscle Sex 4)
Visions Perverses (Muscle Sex 4) High Octane
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In Visions Perverses (also known as Hot Type and Muscle Sex 4) Bodilis has assembled thirteen of his patented studs in hot sex action that always crackles. A young man, Nicholas Babral forces himself into a country home to escape the snow. Inside, he finds the book Hot Type, and entertains himself with the five sexual scenarios written therein. In the first, two men on a bed, Albert Jarat and Sim Cerna, slowly worm their way out of their undies, revealing lickable and ready for prime-time dicks. Cerna is a fuzzy brunet creature, and the chiseled Jarat chomps lustily on his erection. Jarat effortlessly sitting on Cerna's pole as the two hump themselves silly before spraying their juice. The first three-way teams Marcel Sarki, Achille Fanyar and Leo Dandar. Dandar pulls the two cocks out of their briefs and nibbles away then is sprawled on his back, ass being penetrated, as he continues to suck dick passionately. In a sizzling moment, he sits on Sarki's meat while Fanyar hurriedly jacks him off. Dandar is near insatiable here, frequently getting hammered at both ends, and caps the scene by letting both men fill his hole with their rods at the same time. It's a mouth-watering sight. Next Handsome ups the sexual ante even more with four buff lads, George Jambor, Garrett Felado, two well-built topmen, and their bottom toys, Charles Baber and Thierry Golyo. Golyo and Baber drop on all-fours and service their muscular masters, before standing up and sliding on their dicks, immersing themselves in a spirited side-by-side fuck. The tops are forceful here, and the bottoms vocal and sweaty. Their moans lend a lot to the realism and eroticism of the moment. Then the others all line up and poke Baber, while he hangs on a chair for dear life. Golyo, whose own ass was invaded earlier, gives an equally fine pumping, before the four cum all over and near each other. It's one of the video's highlights. Sultry Cerna makes a welcome return next, ascending the stairs to frolic with Attila Kialt and Zack Berenc. Kialt hungrily fellates Cerna, Berenc bends down and swallows his meat. It's Kialt who is the lucky bottom here, taking the thick bats of both men with vigor. By this time Barbal has been getting aroused by all the horseplay, and pulls out his own lovely erection. He envisions himself in the final loop, paired with Adrian Vadasz, a leatherman wearing a mask. Babral is perfectly content to be used as Vadasz spanks his perfect little buttcheeks, sticks fingers up his cavern, and then crams a huge black dildo up Barbal in an elegant and rousing move. Vadasz does get around to plowing Barbal's pink and oh-so-tight hole, and Nicholas squirts a doozy of a load both in his scene and in real life. Herve Bodilis delivers again here, with a dynamite cast of Eastern European performers. Muscle Sex proves to be an ideal alternate title, perfectly describing the action as well as being a fitting description of each of the thirteen specimens Herve Bodilis has in his corner. Cast: Sim Cerna, Nicholas Babral, Zack Berenc, Charles Baber, George Jambor, Marcel Sarki, Attila Kialt, Adrian Vadasz, Achille Fanyar, Leo Dandar, Thierry Golyo, Albert Jarat, Garrett Felado