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Under Fire

Under Fire
Under Fire Falcon International Collection
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Take a trip to the Old Country in Under Fire, where rosy-cheeked young men with names you can't pronounce are having sex. Follow the exploits of a troop of soldier wanna-be's as they endure rigorous training in how to be real men. The story begins with Volt, as a doctor who violates every code of doctor/patient conduct by putting his young recruit through an unusually in-depth physical. The scene is rife with licking, armpits, nipples, shaved anuses and ball sacs. Volt ends up glazing his oversexed patient's nuts with his own ball-frosting. Next, it's off to target practice with smiling Eurotwinks Tavers and Istavan. In a nod to post-Cold War non-aggression, the rifles are put away and are replaced with the boys' turgid semen shooters. Imagine the boys' surprise when hunky instructor Kristzia catches them doing naughty things and demands to be let in on the action. Kristzia's deluxe mantool finds its way into a variety of openings before everyone nearly drowns in the eruptions of jizz. Fans of close-ups will appreciate the penis-eye view of Tavers' yawning crevasse. This scene contains quite a bit of smiling, which comes across as either cute or cloying, depending on how you look at it. After that, we're shown the risks of open-air potato peeling. Young Szolt is forced to focus his attention on Reves and Sandor's zucchinis. Playful is the key word here as tender winking brown eyes are jabbed by quivering red-hot pokers. Next, Aryan wunderkind Posza and hottie Kormos get careless with a cigarette and end up covering each other in fire extinguisher foam before putting out there own fires using their cum-hoses. Posza's chumpy is enormous, and Kormos has a tough time getting more than a third of it down his throat. If buff young men, foreign accents and happy smiling sex are what you're after, you're home. Cast: Andras Brandl, Janos Volt, Peter Kriszta, Serge Istavan, Colby Tavers, Patrik Zsolt, Martin Sandor, Jakob Kormos, Antal Posza, Johan Reves