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Stuck In The Snow

Stuck In The Snow
Stuck In The Snow Falcon International Collection
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The weather outside may be icy cold, but in Stuck in the Snow these nine young studs find time-honored ways of warming themselves to the boiling point and beyond. Experience four sizzling scenes featuring smooth young men who really know how to stoke their lusty fires and kindle a satisfied glow. Beginning in scene one they give each other friendly pushes on sleds in the pure snow, our three European studs retreat to the cabin. Lukas Wagner sits between Mark Franks & Logan Birch and the hot fun begins. Mark begins working on Lukas' cock while Logan kisses him, then the boys switch positions pleasing Lukas and getting each other worked up. All begin to take turns sucking each others cocks, tweaking nipples and exploring their hot holes. Finally, Lukas gets his ass stuffed by Logan's dick while Mark stuffs his mouth full of hot uncut cock, the three boys moaning and groaning with uncontrollable pleasure. After Logan and Mark switch places with each other, Lukas proves he can't wait a moment longer and shoots his thick wad all over his belly. Logan and Mark get so worked up seeing Lukas cum they shoot their wads all over, moaning with pleasure and ready to resume the day. Scene two Luke Hansen and Cory Malone are exploring a snowed-in fort and find themselves alone in an abandoned room. It's soon obvious they know just what to do when alone: rip the clothes off each other and get to business. Luke starts the fun by sucking Cory's dick before Cory gets the favor returned. Luke's ass is soon the center of attention as Cory plows it with his thick uncut member. Soon the two are groaning and squirming with pleasure while Luke shoots creamy cum all over Cory's chest, and Cory gets a helping hand with his throbbing cock, soon shooting all over. Scene three Rusty Tanner and Mickey Ward enter a kitchen but it's soon clear the only thing that's going to be heated up is their desire for each other. The boys begin kissing each other, but soon the clothes come off. Mickey's thick uncut dick gets slurped and sucked by Rusty's eager mouth before he happily returns the favor. Soon, each of the boys ready to fuck, and Mickey bends over to accept Rusty's hot knob, playing with himself and grunting with pleasure. When the boys can't take it any longer, they each shoot thick wads all over each other, groaning and grunting with amazing pleasure. Scene four We find Tim West and Eliot Cerry eating pizza but soon the conversation turns to gulping each other's dicks. The men retreat to the bathroom and strip each other down, exposing their hard cocks to one another. Unable to control their lust, the each take turns licking and sucking the other's dick while working themselves up to something hotter. Moving to the bedroom, Eliot lays on his stomach and Tim fills Eliot's ass with his uncut cock, making Eliot groan with joy. Soon, Eliot turns around and Tim is slurping his big, uncut dick while playing with his own. Then, the men kneel in front of each other, kissing and jerking their hard cocks until ropes of cum spurt all over each other. Cast: Cory Malone, Eliot Cerry, Logan Birch, Lukas Wagner, Luke Hansen, Mark Franks, Mickey Ward, Rusty Tanner, Tim West