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Special Brew

Special Brew
Special Brew Brit Ladz
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Girls just want to have fun, as Cyndi Lauper famously insisted. Well, Cyndi, the same applies to young chavs - and Special Brew is a horny little escapade that proves it! Kamyk Walker, Lucas Davidson and all their lowlife friends spend their free-time - of which they have plenty - living life to the full chav-style. Drinking lager, lazing about on the sofa and fucking each other with their big, oversized dicks at every opportunity. Little wonder so much special brew - ie sticky chav jizz - gets pumped each and every time these bad boys meet. We all know what dirty little fuckers young Brit boys can be, especially when they've enjoyed a drink or two, so it really comes as no surprise at all to see Lucas Davidson splayed out on the sofa with one hand on a can and the other on his dick. Nor does it shock when the fair-headed new boy, Blake Hanson, comes straight into the room to give his mate a helping hand - or, to put it a little more accurately, a helping mouth. After all, Hanson's down on Davidson's meaty uncut shaft pretty much before you realise what's happening and it's a move that's promptly replicated when Hanson's deliciously curved knob comes into play just a few minutes later. If you think that this coupling's all lined up to be a straightforward fuck, however, think again. Yes, it goes without saying that Davidson eventually ends up sitting on his mate's lap, before being skewered from behind by that same fabulous weapon. But first there's a little foot-worship to attend to, as Hanson makes the very most of the chance to indulge in a feast of oral appreciation of Davidson's size 10s - a fine display that'll appeal to anyone who loves to see toes and souls getting the attention they deserve, and which sets us up nicely for the scene's dick-pounding, spunk-inducing finale! Cast: Lucas Davidson, Connor Levi, Kamyk Walker, Shaun Mann, Cody Reed, Blake Hanson, Jaden Fox, Jason Smith