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Spit Roasting Sluts (2 Dvds)

Spit Roasting Sluts (2 Dvds)
Spit Roasting Sluts (2 Dvds) Staxus
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For some boys, having one hard cock deep inside them just isn't enough - and these Spit Roasting Sluts certainly prove that point. This fine collection of horny dick-crazed sluts just aren't satisfied until they've got two big aching shafts pounding away at them - one at each end of their bodies. Lucas Leung proves once again what a top-notch slut he actually is - this time in the company of beefy Jacob Bishop and the ever-horny Neil Cross, who he interrupts getting close-up and personal in a locker-room. Suffice it to say that it isn't many minutes before the young beauty becomes the focal-point of attention. At night, in the dorm, two butch soldiers manhandle a younger one, waking him up to force him to suck their dicks. Both soldiers are hard and horny, and they each feed their stiff meat to the young boy's hungry mouth. There soon follows a raunchy bareback spit-roast, with each bloke getting to slide his raw dick deep into this tight boy ass, before they cover the kid in spunk. You know what it's like - you're there on the beach, drying yourself off after a nice swim in the sea, when you're pounced upon by a couple of horny young guys who just want to suck your cock and pummel your arse. Well, okay, maybe it's not really the sort of thing that happens to most of us on our vacations, but as porn fantasies go it's fucking hot - especially when it involves Marco Bill, Ray Weil and Dean Grant. Catching smooth young Ricky Jackson in the toilets, Omar and Luc Bonay, studly tops who have only one thing on their mind, push Ricky to the wall and work his cock till it's pulsating. Filling his mouth with both their cocks, Ricky doesn't know which way to turn and is constantly worked on by these tattooed men. Being pumped full of man meat, he's then subjected to a coating of hot spunk, before finally joining in the cumfest himself. Five more intense threesome await you in this tag teaming flick, so if you enjoy seeing fresh-faced twinks getting stuffed like pigs by their mates' meaty knob-ends - and who the fuck doesn't - then this three hour, two disc epic is for you! Cast: Jacob Bishop, Neil Cross, Lukas Leung, Kamil Fox, Leon Ramon, Alex Stevens, Marco Bill, Ray Weil, Dean Grant, Luc Bonay, Omar, Ricky Jackson, Milan Breeze, Leon Ramon, Grenady Prokov, Marco Bon Phoenix, David Garret, Miky Krejn, Patres Reko, Christiano Law, Robinos Clark, Blake Reed, Joe Parkes, Jimmy Call, Tom Arnott, David Owen, Bill Brown