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Skuff: Rough Trade 1

Skuff: Rough Trade 1
Skuff Rough Trade 1 Hot House Video
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Skuff: Rough Trade 1 from Hot House video showcases scenes of intense oral sex, butt play, bondage, rimming, and anal sex - all of which feature the smell and feel of leather. Micah Brandt and Austin Wolf are both dressed in kinky black leather while jerking each other's cock, rimming and pounding ass and blowing cum across each other! Tattooed, ginger-haired Jordan teases Brendan Phillips with a black leather riding crop who is tied up and blindfolded, totally vulnerable to Jordan's whims. Exposing Brendan's ass, framed perfectly by a black leather jock, Jordan lets loose with the crop, leaving pink marks across Brendan's left cheek. They relocate to a heavy duty sling, and Jordan gives Brendan the ride of his life. Crackling leather stretches against the muscled bodies of Sebastian Kross and Griffin Barrows in the third scene. Griffin's deep throating fetish takes centre stage as strings of saliva drip to the floor as Sebastian face-fucks Griffin's wet, eager mouth. Grabbing Griffin's harness, Sebastian rams his lengthy dick all the way down Griffin's throat, his balls slapping against Griffin's face with each vigorous pump. Muscle hunk Derek Bolt kneels eagerly in a steel cage sporting a leather collar and jockstrap as Brazilian stud Jimmy Durano unlocks the cage and attaches a metal leash to Derek's collar. Led out on hands and knees like a dog, Jimmy feeds him his uncut cock as a treat. Derek takes a proper mouth fucking from his boss as streams of saliva trickle down Jimmy's nutsack. Boss man Jimmy wants a taste of his boy so dives face first deep into Derek's smooth crack. Jimmy enters his ass with a swift thrust deep inside with his humongous meat. Jimmy fucks his boy doggie style first then leads him into a sling for a better angle at Derek's manhole. Cast: Austin Wolf, Brendan Phillips, Derek Bolt, Griffin Barrows, Jimmy Durano, Jordan, Micah Brandt, Sebastian Kross