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Roughin' It 2

Roughin' It 2
Roughin' It 2 Falcon Studio
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Getting close to nature sexually inspires these smoking campers in Roughin' It 2 to commit the hottest acts in the woods and out in the open, for the whole world to see. They're Roughin' It and their primal sexual nature rises to the surface, boiling over with an intensity hot enough to start a forest fire. Returning from a morning hike, Parker London approaches his campsite. Casey Monroe emerges from their tent and it becomes obvious that they are more interested in doing each other than anything else. Parker gets things started and gags himself with his tattooed buddy's tool. Parker services Casey fully with his mouth, his chin brushing up against Casey's low-hangers with every swallow. Signalling that he wants more, Parker bends over their tent stand allowing Casey a direct entry into his round, plump ass. Casey doesn't waste any time jamming his tent pole so deep his dangling balls slam against Casey repeatedly. Parking their Jeep on a cliff overlooking a valley, DO and Erik Rhodes need a quick stop for a sip of water. Shirtless, sculpted DO wants more than a quick break for water wants a taste of Erik's thick hard dick. Engulfing Erik's cock with his mouth, DO works the big man over allowing him to fuck his face. The Jeep is the perfect playground for these stunning men, and DO opens the rear so he can stand up in the back end and Erik pays tribute to the man and his meat lapping at it, licking it and gulping it down repeatedly. It's not too long before Erik is doing the same with his meaty, round ass bending over the roll bar of the jeep so DO can tongue, rim and finger his taught manhole. Erik holds on tight to the roll bar as DO begins an all-out fucking on the big man's ass, sliding it in and pulling it out, and then going back for more rhythmic strokes. Putting Erik on his back on the hood of the Jeep, DO props Erik's legs in the air to really deliver the goods, and spread his cheeks so wide that he can deliver every last thick inch of his tool. Trent Locke, hooded in a camo cap, is chasing Donny Wright through the forest. Donny stops below a grove of redwoods and the chase turns into a hot make out session. The making out quickly leads to each of them having their hands down the others shorts, and in no time Trent pulls down Donny's shorts and gets on his knees to blow the hot stud's uncut cock. Donny returns the favour and then turns Trent around so he can give his lightly furred ass a world class rim job. Fully prepped for a pounding, Trent braces himself on the giant redwood so he can take the full brunt of Donny's huge tree trunk. Donny delivers it all into Trent's prime ass. Grabbing onto Trent's shoulders and ramming harder inspires huge wads of cum out of Trent, who gets down on his knees and looks up, inviting Donny to spray his face with a load. Donny takes the invitation and coats Trent's well-trimmed beard with his spooge. Come and pitch a tent and check out what these campers do when they think nobody else is around. Cast: Andrew Jakk, Casey Monroe, DO, Donny Wright, Erik Rhodes, Parker London, Roman Heart, Trent Locke