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Rough Rollers

Rough Rollers
Rough Rollers Bloc
English Subtitles
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With six scenes of hot twink action, Rough Rollers is a hormone fuelled fuck-fest as a group of gorgeous young lads recall their memories of a summer spent skateboarding, sucking and fucking! Scene one opens with a horny boy remembering the first time he sucked dick. In a toilet, he and his future lover are seen pissing into urinals, before he kneels down to suckle on his friend's juicy foreskin. With a little hand cranking, his friend's knob soon explodes in a torrent of spunk which cascades down the narrator's mouth! Next his randy recollection transports him to a youth hostal, where he meets cute-faced, dark-haired Marco Bill - a lad who's more interested in giving him a blowjob than reading magazines! These two lusty fuckers move to the bed where a thorough sixty nine turns into a deep anal penetration of Marco's peachy bumhole. After a hard day spent skateboarding, the thirsty lads retire to the pub where they down a few tins excited by the days exploits. However for these tasty twinks, the night holds possibilities for a different kind of fun. One of the lads begins to kiss and caress the foot of his mate as the barman looks on and rubs his burgeoning boner through his boxers. With all three cocks aroused, the youngsters are soon trading blowjobs before barman Tommy Luise gets paid in kind with a thick dicking up his rectum. In the final scene, there's a voyeuristic three-way as blonde boy Julian Rush watches while two of his pals get hot and bothered on top of the washing machine. These lush twinks kiss and suck, necking furiously, before peachy arseholes are ploughed hard until the live show ends with bottoms filled and spunk spilled! Spend your time with these Rough Rollers, you won't be disappointed! Cast: Marco Bill, Robin Few, Skan Berri, Mike Mou, Tommy Luise, Ashley Right, Sebastian Stiler, Levis Grant, Ari Black