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Rentboy's School Fuckers 1

Rentboy's School Fuckers 1
Rentboy's School Fuckers 1 Rentboy UK Platinum
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Who wants to do homework when you can suck your mate's teen boner and get your arse rammed with cock! These cute schoolboys all arouse passions with their lithe bodies and bulging boxers! Jaye is trying to finish his homework, but playful Kamyk won't let him. Jaye finally gives in to Kamyk's charms and the two fall into each other's arms in a passionate embrace. Hands are soon wandering - their excitement evident from the bulges beneath their trousers. These are soon discarded and cocks are slipped out of tightie-whities to be jerked and slobbered over. Jaye is the first to wrap his lips around a hot boner, and he takes his time with the veined shaft. The two lip piercings heighten Kamyk's sensitivity and he soon wants to feel a throbbing pole in his mouth - but not as much as he want's Jaye's cock deep in his arse. With Jaye's pants pulled down just enough, Kamyk has free rein over his best buddy's fuck tool and rides him until they're both ready to be de-seeded. Just home from school, Josh and Chad go straight to Chad's bedroom - and it's not long before these cute twinks are tonguing each other and rubbing growing cocks through their trousers. Chad slips his strides down to reveal a pair of tighty whities, and when he takes them down, Josh can't believe his luck at the size of his young friend's dick, so immediately goes down on it. He licks and slurps before revealing his matching set of underwear and matching thick dick. Now it's Chad's turn for cock guzzling - this young lad has an open throat as he takes most of it. But it's not Chad's throat that Josh is interested in - he wants to slip his oversized penis between Chad's arse cheeks and into his tight tunnel. He fucks him doggy - all the way to the two of them spewing their loads. Josh and Luke don't reach for the Xbox when they get home after school . They go for a better joystick - each other's hard cocks. Cavorting on the bed, they tweak nipples until it's Luke who is the first to taste cock. He tugs and sucks Josh's dick before the two slip into a 69. Luke offers up his willing bottom and Josh licks and fingers his tight blow hole before pushing his teen dick in deep to fuck the bejesus out of him. Five scenes of naughty British schoolies and their pubescent fantasies! Cast: Jaye Elektra, Kamyk Walker, Josh Frey, Chad Chambers, Liam Diamond, Brad Taylor, Aaron Aurora