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Rentboy's Emo Twinks 1

Rentboy's Emo Twinks 1
Rentboy\'s Emo Twinks 1 Rentboy UK Platinum
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Ten sultry British emos explore their sensual side in five highly charged compilation scenes that sees shy floppy haired cubs flower into fully fledged butt bangers - this can only be Rentboy's Emo Twinks 1. These young emos have an insatiable craving for taut teen flesh and juicy cocks as they grapple and grope. When two floppy fringed lover-boys return from a log day skating, they are soon stripping naked and writhing on the floor. With his mate's knob thick slick and standing to attention, one lad wraps his lips around the bell and begins to blow. Soon these pretty penis petters are loosening up holes with their wet and probing tongues before the boys settle down for a voracious fuck on the kitchen floor. Three long-haired twinks enjoy a sizzling sex session in scene two. Kissing on the sofa, they grope cocks through jeans before, stripped to their undies, the guys wank and suck one another's cock and balls. All that remains is a little finger-fucking to prepare their holes for a deep spit roasting which soon has their cum flying thick and fast. Two horny young guys lock lips next, as clothes peel away from their taut teen bodies, tender cocks are rubbed, and bell-ends ravished by probing tongues and fingers. Craig Davies and Evan Hugh fall onto the sofa in an orgy of kissing and groping. Stripped to their undies, these lusty lads work up a storm, grasping through the soft cotton fabric at the raging boners which lie beneath! After plenty of erotic foreplay, Craig and Evan indulge in an energetic session of arse-licking and a sweet sixty-nine. Craig smothers Evans face with his sexy-smalls, granting Evan plenty of time to savour his smell. Evan is an insatiable bottom boy and takes Craig's cock like a pro, bucking with every thrust before Craig pulls himself to glory over Evan's face. Josh and Jesse are two extremely cute twinks. Relaxing on the sofa, Josh can feel his big cock hardening in his pants and, standing in front of his pal, he lobs out his big dick. Jesse is on it in an instant - it fills his mouth as he tries to cram as much of it in. He licks the shaft and squeezes Josh's balls and encourages Josh to return the favour. No second invitation is needed as Josh slips his finger into Jesse's tight hole, readying it for a hard stretching session with his thick dick. Beautiful emo boys and thrilling scenes - don't let it pass you by! A fine Rentboy compilation! Cast: Jamie Ryder, Tyler Brooks, Vince Kilvern, Jericho Nash, Sam Bishop, Dakota Shine, Kris Denver, Evan Hugh, Craig Pearce, Josh Frey, Jessie Magowan