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Rentboy UK Double Pack 3 (2 Dvds)

Rentboy UK Double Pack 3 (2 Dvds)
Rentboy UK Double Pack 3 (2 Dvds) Rentboy UK
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Here is a terrific two dvd pack featuring some of London's dirtiest twinks in Cockney Cocksuckers and London Lads Do It Bareback! Seven eighteen year old London lads enjoy cock-sucking and screwing their teenage mate's tight boy butts in Cockney Cocksuckers. First up is a hot threeway in which the tall dark boy and a blonde bit of rough with a great fat cock take turns spit roasting a small young lad, who's obviously fallen in with bad company! Then its all change as the tall lad takes blondie's fat tool up his arse. He loves it and, as the young lad licks his balls, he shoots cum into the teen's face and mouth. This really heats up blondie who dumps his own even bigger load of cum into the innocent teen's gob! In the next scene a very slim teen does anal with one of his mates. He's really up for it and maintains a really stiff teen hard-on throughout until his mate can't take any more and spunks into his mouth. In scene three the young lad from the opener is back, this time in the clutches of a handsome dark mohicaned youth. He makes the youngster suck him off, then sits on the lad's face for a great bit of deep rimming, before holding the lad down, stretching his arsehole with his fingers, and ramming his nice large cock up the teen's arse. To finish he dumps a big cumshot into the lad's open mouth and face. In the final segment, blondie from scene two is paired up with the skinny boy. He really gets off on fingering blondie's arse as he chews down on that great cock. Finally he can't resist it, and guides blondie's throbbing hard-on up his arse for a great fuck scene which ends with both lads spunking in each other's faces and mouths! In London Lads Do It Bareback, another seven London lads from a council estate enjoy bareback anal and cum gobbling with their mates! A horny boy gets held down by a slightly older mate. He makes the lad suck on his fat prick, before turning him over and stuffing his fat bareback prick up his arse. The boy gets barebacked in a number of positions - he loves it as his teen cock is rammed hard throughout. The scene ends with both lads gobbling cum. A short cute teen gets rimmed and sucked by his dark-skinned and equally cute mate, who has a great dick which ends up bareback inside the shorter lad's arse. Energetic screwing follows, and then the dark skinned lad drops a great load of really thick spunk into his mate's gob, which drips and strings down his friend's chin. Also included is a fantastic piece of rough banging his big fat bare erection up another lad's arse, and a dirty sex scene featuring a really cute dark haired lad with a slim teen body and a bubble butt to die for which involves rimming, sucking, butt plugs, mutual bareback fucking and cum gobbling! Rentboy UK Double Pack 3 is terrific British action!