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Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy Bel Ami
English Subtitles
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Matt Phillipe and Josh Elliot look through a newspaper and see an ad from a modelling agency looking for a Pretty Boy. Matt thinks he qualifies - and who would argue with him? He answers the ad, then tells Josh he'll call him after the interview and try to get Josh in as well. The handsome Mark Aubrey does some test shots of Matt. The more clothes Matt takes off, the more excited Mark gets. Soon, Mark's thick cock is lodged in Matt's mouth. A blowjob, no matter how good, isn't enough for this photographer and model. Matt offers his pretty butt to the appreciative lensman. This was one photoshoot neither of them will ever forget. While waiting for Matt, Josh joins his good buddies, Marc Vidal, Sven Olafsson and Keifer Sullivan for an afternoon at a small fitness center. After splashing in the wading pool on the patio, they go inside, remove their speedos and get into the hot-tub. There must be something in the water, because soon all four are sporting impressive erections. They play with themselves then play with each other under the bubbling water. Leaving Josh and Keifer in the tub, Marc and Sven go over to the workout area. Rather than doing any boring exercises, Sven dives right down and sucks Marc's most intimate muscle, which happens to also be one of his largest. While Sven gives Mark the ultimate in oral pleasure, Josh and Keifer look through the glass door separating the two areas. Soon, Keifer and Josh are having as much fun as their friends, exchanging blowjobs. In one room, Marc and Sven find a use for a piece of equipment never intended by the manufacturer: every centimeter of Marc's manhood disappears between Sven's firm butt-cheeks. And near the hot tub, Josh is quite the eager top, with Keifer the receptive bottom. Both couples end their liaisons by spurting gobs of goo. Josh's phone rings. It's Matt asking where he is; Josh is supposed to meet Matt for a duo photosession. The photosession goes perfectly; two beauties like Matt and Josh are a dream couple for the photographer. Afterwards, the two friends find themselves in cozier surroundings. They exceed our expectations by throwing their all into a flip-flop fuck-fest. These two quintessential bottom boys prove themselves expert tops as they do unto each other exactly as the other does unto them. Cast: Matt Phillipe, Josh Elliot, Mark Aubrey, Sven Olafsson, Kiefer Sullivan, Marc Vidal