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Pig Holes 1: Incredible Fuk 'N Holes

Pig Holes 1: Incredible Fuk 'N Holes
Pig Holes 1 Incredible Fuk 'N Holes Hot Desert Knights
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Pig Holes 1: Incredible Fuk 'N Holes, is exactly what the name implies - the first in an upcumming series of ass slamming, butt banging, all bare fisting and fuck films from HDK. Hot stud Ardon Masters shows us he can take it as well as he can dish it out in two fantastic scenes, plus a bonus scene. And, dish it out he does as he works Punch Atwill's huge gaping hole till Punch's cock is dripping with cum until he can't take it any more. And then, Ardon blasts his load all over Punch as they gasp and collapse with sheer exhaustion. Daddies Bud and Frank work over their boy Andy at The Meat Rack in New Orleans. These Daddies tag team Andy with cock and hands and move him from the sling to the bench until finally Daddy Bud blows a load of hot, steamy cum right down the boy's eager mouth. Jake and Tony, and Doc and Morgan add a little variety to the film as they fuck and fist and blow their loads after opening up wet holes with hard cocks or talented hands all shot in the infamous HDK Dungeon. Incredible Fuk 'N Holes is real men, gaping holes, hard cocks and non-stop butt busting action from beginning to end. Ten men and five scenes plus a bonus scene of Ardon Masters conducting Fisting 101 with tiny newcummer Tim Skyler, as he teaches Tim how to fist a hot hole for the very first time. Fist-tastic! Cast: Ardon Masters, Leo Sargent, Punch Atwill, Doc Holiday, Morgan Ellis, Bud Rose, Andy Martin, Frank Winters, Tony Ryder, Jake Long, Tim Skyler, Scott Daniels