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Nic's Gay Initiation

Nic's Gay Initiation
Nic's Gay Initiation Rentboy UK Platinum
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Nic's never had a gay experience before, but has always had yearnings. Smoking a fag, he is approached by a gang fronted by Damian Duke, resplendent with long curly hair, looking every inch a rocker. Nic's having none of Duke's hard man approach, but finds himself coerced into a small flat where he is blindfolded. Ordered to get his cock out, Nic obeys and soon the whole gang have their peckers out waiting for a noshing from Nic. One after the other he suckles their dinkies before they have their holes licked and each lad takes it in turns to bum the new boy! The experience opens Nic's eyes to a whole new world and, waiting for a train, Nic tabs a cigarette from rough scally Paul. Even though he's just had a gangbanging, it doesn't take much convincing to get Nic back in the sack for his second gay experience. Up in his bedroom, Shayne reclines watching Nic undress. Shayne is soon sucking on Nic's knob before taking his cock deep inside his bum-hole. After an athletic doggie-style butt-fucking, Nic pulls himself to a sticky climax, shooting his load across his lithe body before Shayne gives him a creamy facial and a shower of kisses! Paul still isn't satisfied though and goes out looking for more meat. Waiting for a bus, tasty twink Michael gets a proposition from Paul, who soon convinces the lad to cum back home with him. Laid out on the bed, Paul yanks out his todger for Michael to suck before they fuck on the bed in all their pasty-skinned British loveliness! While riding cowboy on Paul's prick, Mikey pulls himself to a sticky cream finish before Paul jizzes his juicy load in Michael's appreciative mouth. Nico and his friend Kris are relaxing and talking on the sofa. Nic shares his recent new sexual encounters, and they hesitantly prod at each others boxers. Nic soon puts his recent experience to good use though, and fucks Kris' tight hole! Brit-boy bonking at it's best! Cast: Jake Smith, Sam Bishop, Alex Russian, Nico James, Kris Harper, Paul Shayne, Michael Scott