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Nasty School Memories

Nasty School Memories
Nasty School Memories Bad Ladz
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Nasty School Memories is an epic dvd featuring 16 great looking twinks from the Czech Republic. The film opens with a group of lads enjoying a beer. Back in the dorm, two of the lads are roused in their sleep by a night intruder who gorges himself on a sleeping boy's cocks. When the lad wake up, a thrilling threeway ensues in which cocks are blown and arses filled with taut teen dick. In a sauna two lithe young twinks kiss and grope before hands venture underneath towels, gripping one another's cock. Plenty of sloppy oral follows as these horny boy's mouths glide over each other bell before some awesome anal sees them shoot their loads. In the shower room two youngsters kiss and wash one another's bodies before moving to the bedroom for a hardcore fuck. There's a group scene in the toilets when one guy takes a gallon of piss in his face from a group of horny youths before giving them all a blowjob, accepting their milky loads! From reknowned director Vlado Iresch cums this tasty twink-fest that is simply not to be missed! Cast: Eric Harper, Daniel Wood, Timothy Nixon, Hai Stubs, Teddy Green, Jesse Shaw, Neil Cross, Aidon Moore, Jordan Dixon, Toni Sem, Cam Vickers, Dominic Leem, Alan Capier, Falco White, Thomas Dyk, Carter Kides