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Polyamor Ass

Polyamor Ass
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The definition of Polyamorous is the state of having multiple sexually committed relationships at the same time with the consent of all partners involved. Cliff Jensen comes clean with his multiple boyfriends about his Polyamor Ass ways. He hopes to loop them all into one relationship by adhering to a strict sex-schedule-but Vadim Black wants special privileges and Cliff's hot cock deep in his ass. Will Braun is ready to steal some time with Cliff from the other boyfriends. So he strikes early in the morning in the shower where the other boys won't hear his moans as his ass is penetrated by Cliff's long fat rod. Griffin Barrows is jealous that the other guys are spending extra time with Cliff, so he wastes no time hopping into bed and stroking that man meat. Cliff realizes the sex-schedule isn't working out, and let's Griffin have his way with him and his gorgeous cock. Cast: Vadim Black, Griffin Barrows, Will Braun, Cliff Jensen