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Ass Quest 1

Ass Quest 1
Monster Bang 08 Ass Quest 1 Raging Stallion
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Monster Bang 8: Ass Quest 1 takes you into the mystic world of an underground urban sex club, full of fantasy, black boots, cum, jock straps, voyeurism, oral sex, cum, masturbation, cum, dildo play, and of course, over-the-top anal penetration. Moving behind the camera, director Michael Brandon conveys his signature style of fucking to this all-star cast of big cocks and the holes that they fill. Remy Delaine has a sexual prowess and versatility that shines above the neon light of this grungy, sex club-style, no holds barred, quest for ass. Carlos Morales and Justin Christopher prove to the world just how deep their large pieces of man meat can go. Expert cocksucker he is, Remy can't decide which cock he enjoys more. At one point during the scene, he has 20 inches of cock to choose from - up close and personal, down his throat and up his ass. Carlos and Justin take turns filling Remy's round tight hole till he was begging them to stop. As Carlos drops his load, Remy finishes his quest for ass by riding atop Justin cowboy-style before tons of sperm oozes out of his uncut beer can cock. The Ass Quest moves on with Rick Gonzales who's huge uncut Latin meat was made to use as a fuck pole. Watching Gabriel Sinclair get his hole ready with a dildo, Rick strokes and licks his lips. Watch Rick's eyes - you can envision the power fuck he is about to deliver. And deliver he does! This is hardcore Latin cock-throbbing action. Troy Punk is a man. He is a big man. He is a hard man. He is a hairy man. Caught alone on video, Troy shows off how he spends his private time. It's a beautiful sight to behold, his cut muscles painted with sweat and hair. Carlos Morales shows he is much more than just a bottom boy. His huge cock fills with length and girth as he turns the tables, topping veteran nasty bottom Owen Hawk and fresh meat Tamas Eszterhazy. Carlos' topping skills are a sight to be seen. Tamas is another spectacular find. He has some of the hottest tattoos on earth, and his body is just about as cut as anyone ever seen. He is a natural performer and one you will not want to miss. Owen tops Tamas while sucking Carlos' huge cock. Tamas, with his tattoos and rippling sinewy muscles, rides Carlos into oblivion. They fuck their way through multiple positions, until they can take no more. Cum fires from every cannon, splashing hot jizz everywhere. AssQuest 1 really captures the feel of a San Francisco sex club. If you've never been to one of these depraved places, this is your glimpse into the hidden world of voracious gay sex. And if you have been, here's a gentle reminder that you need to go back again! Cast: Remy Delaine, Carlos Morales, Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Christopher, Owen Hawk, Rick Gonzales, Tamas Eszterhazy, Troy Punk