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Lust & Thrust

Lust & Thrust
Lust & Thrust AVI Productions
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A fashion designer is busy at work with his sketches in Lust & Thrust, as he's under pressure with an upcoming runway show. Outside his studio, he picks up a hot stud and decides to turn him into his new model discovery. Meanwhile, we see the designer's boyfriend getting a massage. The masseuse gets the boyfriend all hot and horny who offers up his big, uncut cock for him to suck on. The producer wants a little more and finger fucks his masseuse before slamming his cock up his ass. He fucks the young stud until he shoots his load. Back at the designers place, he's having the new model try on some of his creations. He teaches the newcomer how to do the catwalk and the two begin to smooch. The new model leaves and is mugged as he waits at the bus stop. A motorist comes to the rescue of this handsome young man. He takes him back to his place and the young stud thanks him by sucking his uncut cock. The two pull a 69 and suck on each other's stiff erections. The Good Samaritan has his legs thrown over his head and gets a deep, hard fuck from his grateful, new friend. The two men shoot loads and seal their lovemaking with a kiss. The designer is woken up by an angry boyfriend, who finds him asleep with his new model. Later that day, they keep practising the catwalk for the fresh talents' big debut. The two take a little sex break and begin to kiss. They move to the sofa and the designer checks out his new talents beautiful cock, taking it down his throat. The men move to a dick slurping 69. The designer takes a seat on his new talent's stiff man pole and milks it with his tight fuck hole until he shoots his love seeds. At the fashion show, the men are strutting their stuff on the catwalk. The audience digs the scene as they drink cocktails. The new discovery is brought on and wows the audience. Soon after the show, a cameraman films two of the male models going at it on the runway. A third model joins them and they suck each other's uncut meat. The longhaired model gets it good from both ends, getting a big dick shoved up his ass and another big cock fucking his face. The blond then gets his ass stuffed as he gobbles down a dick as well. The three bring each other to a creamy climax. Back at his place, the designer is joyous with the success of his show. He watches the video of his successful fashion show and decides to film himself as well. Just then, his old boyfriend comes back and in a jealous rage, kills him. Unbeknownst to him, all this is caught by the camera. The model comes to discover the designer killed and finds the camera. At the boyfriend's house, he is joined by two hotties and the threesomes have a dick sucking fest. The men smooch and suck until one of the men has a dick shoved in his butt. The producer pumps his pud in the tight love canal with the other fellow underneath licking his man sack. The three shoot and score with buckets of jizz. Then the jealous boyfriend comes back and kills the shows producers. Sexy, wild and hot! A fine Vlado Iresch dvd. Cast: Enrico Jarinov, Nicolas Dave, Slash Tom, Marcellini Anebi, George Steel, Samuel Etien, Frank Farmer, Daniel Grecky, Marco Felini