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Liam Cole Cum Junkie

Liam Cole Cum Junkie
Liam Cole Cum Junkie Treasure Island Media
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The long awaited Liam Cole Cum Junkie movie has finally arrived. Everything you have come to love about Liam's movies is here - hot British and European men with a couple of Yankee bastards thrown in for good measure. Jessy Karson has never looked better than he does when Liam took him out to a local British junkyard to fuck the hell out of bottom boy Nathan Gear. Jessy is such a fucktard when he is horny and wants to breed. Poor little Nathan looks confused, excited and willing to go with the hard fuck pounding that Jessy delivers into the kid's insatiable holes. From tractor to trailer, woodpile to woodshed, with plenty of room to get down and dirty, Jessy uses his tireless uncut cock to take Nathan's hole on a farm tour. All the world's a stage and down in a basement dungeon meatpacking plant, beautiful tattooed pig and pierced Alexx Desley gets taken advantage of and ram rodded by two men in ski masks. Alexx waits on all fours and happily gets fucked by both hard dicks. Alexx is a pretty stunning bottom that you are going to love watching get fucked. And for all you bottoms out there - you are going to want to get fucked by these unknown top men. They are as beautiful as their fat slabs of meat. They turn Alexx inside and out, working his hole mercilessly, leaving him delirious, with two arse-loads of steam room spunk swimming in his guts. Get ready for one fucking extraordinary threeway. Mario Domenech, Antonio Miracle and Dolf Dietrich undulate and writhe, sweaty limbs blurring into a single mass of male flesh - one man's cock stuffs an arse as his own hole swallows cock, then each man takes his turn shifting into that coveted middle position. It is all gymnastics and fucking as they seamlessly flow from one position to the next. Over and over they twist and flip around, heaving and grunting until each man-cunt is loaded with jizz and each cock is spent and drooling. You will be wondering who is going to get the lion share of the loads. Trust us, you've never seen anything like it. You probably think of Jessy Karson as a power top. He may have met his match in Sam Porter. Jessy shows he can take it just as good as he gives it. Not even willing to wait for Sam to take a piss, Jessy is all over that uncut dick begging for it in his hole. Sam gives Jessy a professional-level pounding, fucking him relentlessly and based on how rock hard Jessy's dick stays the entire time, it's pretty clear he is loving every second of deep dick pounding until both men cum. Fuck buddies Dolf Dietrich and Drew Sebastian became fast friends with Freddy Miller during a recent trip to London. Dolf and Drew take turns pounding and stretching Freddy's talented ass, but the highlight of this scene is when both cocks get it in at the same time. They open him up to the limit and reach such a frenzied state that they blast deep inside Freddy simultaneously. When the bloated dicks are finally dislodged, the cum gushes out from the destroyed pucker. Finally scene six features the Gabriel Fisk Cum Junkie gangbang, streamed live and where the men alternate between screwing and chatting with the guys online until literally thousands of men join the fuck party. Gabriel Fisk goes into a cock coma as Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Balthazar and Vlad take turns using his mouth and ass. Valentino Delta is the designated felcher, egging the guys on, grabbing their cocks and slamming it into Gabriel's holes. This is some good fucking. Some even better double fucking, and to top it all off - some most excellent breeding. Just as you would expect from Liam Cole! Cast: Jessy Karson, Nathan Gear, Alexx Desley, Dolf Dietrich, Mario Domenech, Freddy Miller, Antonio Miracle, Drew Sebastian, Brad Tyler, Sam Porter, Balthazar, Vlad, Gabriel Fisk, Valentino Delta