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Latino Boy Sex Games 3

Latino Boy Sex Games 3
Latino Boy Sex Games 3 Rentboy Lateeno
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Latino Boy Sex Games 3 serves up no fewer than ten lovely tanned smooth lads copulating in attractive settings. If you like young boys with skin the colour of cafe con leche, this might well be the perfect dvd for you! First up, a lad is dozing in a deck chair in a tropical garden. Along comes another baseball cap-wearing twink, and instantly the two boys are necking passionately! The dungarees are eased down, and soon eager hands are foraging inside the Calvin Klein shorts. One guy gives the other a superb blowjob, filmed in loving close-up, and this develops into some light rimming - which looks very enjoyable, given that the rimmer is wearing a tongue stud. A finger fuck leads on to one boy easing his anus onto the other's stiff pole. After a satisfying fuck, the lads squirt in each other's faces, then kiss and lick the spilt spunk. Elsewhere in the garden, two soccer lads meet and kiss. One administers a tender suck to the other's cock, and they progress to delicious anal intercourse, their gorgeous, taut young skin looking divine in the dappled sunlight. They indulge in a post-fuck suck, and explode their cum in sexy facials. In the three other scenes which make up this two-hour dvd, a tree-house tryst leads to a fuck on the lawn, a young stud helps a fem lad to install a washing-machine (and then they strip off and shag), and two pretty boys make love in the presence of a very colourful parrot! For excellent visual style and tender sex scenes, this one takes some beating! Cast: Giovanni, David, Kevin, Miguel, Matew, Inyerman, Mike, Mateo, Nicolas, Julian