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Ikarus Double Feature 1

Ikarus Double Feature 1
Ikarus Double Feature 1 Ikarus Entertainment
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A wealth of hot and horny guys are assembled in Ikarus Double Feature 1. French Erection sees ten handsome hunks in an award winning non-stop epic of anal annihilation and spunk filled fun. Eric tells his Anton how he recently went to the famous Pont-du-Gard monument where he watched two young guys sucking each other's cocks. This sight made him jerk off himself, and as he was so excited, he didn't realise that he lost his wallet in the bushes. The next day the two boys ring at his door and that means more action! Eric also tells Anton about three bikers who often stay at Eric's place overnight. However Anton recognises two of the guests - a few days previously Anton was sitting near the river when two joggers came along and tried to fuck him. As we see, it wasn't long before all three of them began to enjoy the game. Meanwhile the action heats up around the pool between two Czech guys, Karel and Tom and whilst young Anton is banging host Eric, the other guests start their own orgy in the garden. Solid action throughout from Ikarus. A weekend in Prague sees a group of Friends embark on an adventure of threeways and group sex. Daniel, a young American and his Russian friend Vladimir are both invited by Rick to visit his uncle's castle outside Prague. Rick shows his guests the gardens and isn't long before a hot threeway gets started. After this initial encounter Rick first has to attend his tennis lesson. His coach is horny though, so racquets are forgotten as they suck and fuck on the court and in the nearby house. Out on the town, Vladimir visits a Greek bathhouse where he sees through the window a gang bang with a bunch of young guys. Unable to resist, he has to join in. Meanwhile Back at the castle Daniel, Rick and Vladimir introduce their three friends from their previous encounters, signalling the start of a fucking free for all to provide a sperm-filled finale to this fine Ikarus dvd. Over three hours of intimate boy/boy action! Cast: Daniel Tucker, Vladimir Tupin, Rick Svenson, Martin Prawda, Patric Swarc, Mr Lucky, Mila Roubin, Ivan Dobry, Erik Lenn, Ivan Fischer, Mario Novak, Erik Ejkovsky, Horst Wieland, Aurelius, Beny Motolka, Toby Steiner, Anton Elsinski, Pierre Lindt, Karel Prochazka, Eric Chateau, Tom Evans