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Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent Falcon International Collection
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Magic realism rears its head in this tale set in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Heaven Sent opens with Marcos Esteuto crawling over the mausoleum that contains the remains of his dead lover, Martin Valdez. In voice-over, Esteuto states that he believes that after a loved one dies, he watches over the living lover as his angel. Then drop-dead gorgeous Esteuto mopes over to the gym to pump iron, where he is oblivious to the lusting advances of the other weightlifters around him, until Simon Arduiles jams his cock in Esteuto's mouth and ass. Esteuto continues to make sad puppy dog eyes as horny Argentines call for dates, until angel Valdez appears and convinces him that he should go sailing with Matia Deuagiorna, who might be the one he is waiting for. To help ease the transition, angel Valdez sticks around long enough for a threeway where all three studs take turns on the bottom before spiriting away back to heaven. The sex is good and the Argentine boys are gorgeous. Cast: Marcos Esteuto, Martin Valdez, Juan Martinez, Damian Ruiz, Simon Arduiles, Orfeo Santiago, Andres Pierda, Matia Deuagiorna