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Haze Him 03

Haze Him 03
Haze Him 03 Big Daddy
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The dudes in Haze Him 3 put their pledges through hell this week. Turns out they also shot the whole thing on video just for you. They had to endure cocks in their asses and in their mouths, but the pledge that got it the worst was McSweenie. Tiny weenies aren't going to cut it here McSweenie! You get to see the Capa boys too, who are prepping for their toga party by having their pledges clean up the frat house and wrestle for invitations to the party of the year! The winner gets the VIP and the loser gets dicked, literally. Talk about humiliation at its finest. Then there's a submission featuring some unusual hazing methods. The brothers had their pledges strip down to their birthday suits and put on blacked out goggles, then had them walk to the frat house dungeon of shame. You either suck the dick or get the fuck out, bitch. Last is a submission from somewhere in Florida. Their haze was to eat a doughnut, but the catch was that the doughnuts were wrapped around the brothers' dicks, and they couldn't touch them with their hands. It was pretty much an offer they couldn't refuse!