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Hard Love

Hard Love
Hard Love Body Prod
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Hard Love (also known as Club Cruise) is a day in the life of a couple's very open relationship as they navigate their separate ways through various cruisy sites bustling with horny guys on the prowl. Lovers Julian Vincenzo and Glenn Santoro wake up in a kissing embrace. Santoro showers (a nice bonus solo) and dresses while Vincenzo fixes breakfast. Santoro wants nothing but coffee, rushing because he's eager to locate a new sex spot he's heard about. Vincenzo plans an on-the-side quickie, having scheduled a visit by skinhead Ladislav Boh, who arrives by motorcycle. Vincenzo lays Boh on the dining table, unveils his throbbing penis and swallows it whole, making Boh pant with unbridled lust. Vincenzo stuffs Boh's chute doggy style, slapping his ass hard enough to make him wince, then fucks him in three more positions. Santoro cruises at a warehouse and he discovers oodles of guys cruising. A few, like Daren Dune and Otto Jordan are already well into oral sex. Later, Jordan gives up his manly ass doggy style, then sits down on Dune's rutting rod. He is rewarded with a splashy pearl necklace from Dune. Hustler, Michael Kozec, sizes up Santoro and he stops making out with John Zorg to pursue him. Kozec, Santoro and Zorg all feast on each other's thick shafts. Kozec then dog fucks Santoro. They switch partners, with Santoro sitting on Zorg's long rod, his rigid cock propelling in circles as he rides. Meanwhile, Vincenzo visits a men's club, where masseur Drago Lembeck and Robert Wild give him a steamy rubdown. Lembeck massages Vincenzo's manly tool with his mouth and butt hole, and Wild does the same. In the lockers, Vincenzo catches an eyeful of cutie pies John Cruse and Jules Terry, fresh from their frisky romp in the club pool. After a brief cock duel, Cruse arches his back, head pressed against the lockers, while Terry ramrods his cheeks wide open. Finally at home, Vincenzo and Santoro reunite for an orgy with three other boys they met while cruising. Young studs, Jose Scott, Adam Kubick and Joe Donovan fondle Santoro's sexy body, while Vincenzo watches and jacks off. Santoro gobbles down his three guest joysticks, then rides Donovan's thick cock until it bathes him in hot cum. He bends over for Scott's doggy fuck while swallowing Kubick's prick. Santoro then tops, fucking Kubick sidesaddle. After spilling their own jizz, the three guests turn their attention to Santoro, who shoots his big, creamy load all over himself. Cast: Julian Vincenzo, Glenn Santoro, Ladislav Boh, Michael Kozec, John Zorg, Robert Wild, John Cruse, Jules Terry, Drago Lembeck, Daren Dune, Otto Jordan, Jose Scott, Adam Kubick, Joe Donovan