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Full Service

Full Service
Full Service Blue Hotel
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The Junk Yard monkeys in Full Service don't know their starter motors from their alternators, but they know what to do with a piston rod and how to grease a hole. We start with a duet on the bonnet of an old car, with tongues working overtime as they flick hardened nipples before trailing a line over a finely tuned stomach toward a pulsating cock and tight balls. We are treated to the delights of a top quality three-way, with these young guys relishing each other's hard cocks and tight arses. They suck on cocks and ball bags before one lad lies on a table and his companion raise his legs above his head, lubricating his butt with his tongue before effortlessly sliding in, and pumping him like a piston filling a finely machined cylinder. All the while the other stands over him and jams his mouth with his cock, closing his eyes in delight with each thrust. Plenty of spitting, fingering and great fucking sessions result as these lads explore each other's bodies and squirt hot creamy stuff as they climax in each other's mouths and faces.