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Full Expedition

Full Expedition
Full Expedition Falcon International Collection
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Full Expedition is full alright - of great masculine beauties! It's like watching Greek gods suck, fuck, and rim, only with bigger dicks than deities usually have. And holes, too. What country is this where all guys have such huge, red holes? In a wintry wilderness, one beefy beauty won't risk a dangerous rock-climb unless his two friends give him one last sex party. They're in the gorgeous nude in one quick cut. You could fuck your best friend if he looked that good. The middle guy in a sandwich fuck jacks his wad right into his fuckee's still wide-open hole! In another chalet, two sports in jockey shorts shed the underwear fast, to blow and fingerfuck, and then arse-shag each other. Then two skiers persuade a third to risk getting caught fucking. He relaxes once their hard cocks pop out in his face. It's a great double arse eat-out. Meanwhile, two of the first three lookers get hurt while climbing. Their friend seeks help at the home of two stunners, one of whom face-fucks like a pro. They greet him nude, call for help, and insist that he takes some dick to regain his strength. Hey, they'll have some themselves. It's more mounting rescue than mountain rescue! Cast: Antal Posza, Pal Sazkacs, Danno Alecs, Martin Hubai, George Vidanov, Beni Laczko, Victor Magyar, Zoly Mirlos, Mihal Laszlo (Nico Blade), Kristian Szaho